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Outline of Jeremiah 37

The Chaldean army will return. (Verse 1-10.)

Jeremiah is imprisoned. (Verse 11-21.)


Read Jeremiah 37:1-10

Verse 1-10 — Numbers witness the fatal effects of other men's sins, yet heedlessly step into their places, and follow the same destructive course. When in distress, we ought to desire the prayers of ministers and Christian friends. And it is common for those to desire to be prayed for, who will not be advised; yet sinners are often hardened by a pause in judgments. But if God help us not, no creature can. Whatever instruments God has determined to use, they shall do the work, though they seem unlikely.

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Read Jeremiah 37:11-21

Verse 11-21 — There are times when it is the wisdom of good men to retire, to enter into their chambers, and to shut the doors,

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Verse Isaiah —

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