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Outline of Job 4

Eliphaz reproves Job. (Verse 1-6.)

And maintains that God's judgments are for the wicked. (Verse 7-11.)

The vision of Eliphaz. (Verse 12-21.)


Read Job 4:1-6

Verse 1-6 — Satan undertook to prove Job a hypocrite by afflicting him; and his friends concluded him to be one because he was so afflicted, and showed impatience. This we must keep in mind if we would understand what passed. Eliphaz speaks of Job, and his afflicted condition, with tenderness; but charges him with weakness and faint-heartedness. Men make few allowances for those who have taught others. Even pious friends will count that only a touch which we feel as a wound. Learn from hence to draw off the mind of a sufferer from brooding over the affliction, to look at the God of mercies in the affliction. And how can this be done so well as by looking to Christ Jesus, in whose unequalled sorrows every child of God soonest learns to forget his own?

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Read Job 4:7-11

Verse 7-11 — Eliphaz argues, 1. That good men were never thus ruined. But there is one event both to the righteous and to the wicked,

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Read Job 4:Ec

Verse Ecclesiastes — 9:2,. both in life and death; the great and certain difference is after death. Our worst mistakes are occasioned by drawing wrong views from undeniable truths. 2. That wicked men were often thus ruined: for the proof of this, Eliphaz vouches his own observation. We may see the same every day.

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Read Job 4:12-21

Verse 12-21 — Eliphaz relates a vision. When we are communing with our own hearts, and are still, Psalms

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