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Outline of 2 Kings 16

Ahaz, king of Judah, His wicked reign. (Verse 1-9.)

Ahaz takes a pattern from an idol's altar. (Verse 10-16.)

Ahaz spoils the temple. (Verse 17-20.)


Read 2 Kings 16:1-9

Verse 1-9 — Few and evil were the days of Ahaz. Those whose hearts condemn them, will go any where in a day of distress, rather than to God. The sin was its own punishment. It is common for those who bring themselves into straits by one sin, to try to help themselves out by another.

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Read 2 Kings 16:10-16

Verse 10-16 — God's altar had hitherto been kept in its place, and in use; but Ahaz put another in the room of it. The natural regard of the mind of man to some sort of religion, is not easily extinguished; but except it be regulated by the word, and by the Spirit of God, it produces absurd superstitions, or detestable idolatries. Or, at best, it quiets the sinner's conscience with unmeaning ceremonies. Infidels have often been remarkable for believing ridiculous falsehoods.

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Read 2 Kings 16:17-20

Verse 17-20 — Ahaz put contempt upon the sabbath, and thus opened a wide inlet to all manner of sin. This he did for the king of Assyria. When those who have had a ready passage to the house of the Lord, turn it another way to please their neighbours, they are going down-hill apace to ruin.

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