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Sword, The

Probable origin—Ge 3:24

Was pointed—Eze 21:15

Frequently had two edges—Ps 149:6


Carried in a sheath or scabbard—1Ch 21:27; Jer 47:6; Eze 21:3-5

Suspended from the girdle—1Sa 17:39; 2Sa 20:8; Ne 4:18; Ps 45:3


Hebrews early acquainted with making of—1Sa 13:19

In time of war, plough shares made into—Joe 3:10

In time of peace made into plough shares—Isa 2:4; Mic 4:3

Sharpened and furbished before going to war—Ps 7:12; Eze 21:9

Was brandished over the head—Eze 32:10

Was thrust through enemies—Eze 16:40

Often threatened as a punishment—Le 26:25,33; De 32:25

Often sent as a punishment—Ezr 9:7; Ps 78:62

Was one of God's four sore judgments—Eze 14:21

Those slain by, communicated ceremonial uncleanness—Nu 19:16