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Scriptures, The

Given by inspiration of God—2Ti 3:16

Given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit—Ac 1:16; Heb 3:7; 2Pe 1:21

Christ sanctioned, by appealing to them—Mt 4:4; Mr 12:10; Joh 7:42

Christ taught out of—Lu 24:27


Contain the promises of the gospel—Ro 1:2

Reveal the laws, statutes, and judgments of God—De 4:5,14; Ex 24:3,4

Record divine prophecies—2Pe 1:19-21

Testify of Christ—Joh 5:39; Ac 10:43; 18:28; 1Co 15:3

Are full and sufficient—Lu 16:29,31

Are an unerring guide—Pr 6:23; 2Pe 1:19

Are able to make wise to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus—2Ti 3:15

Are profitable both for doctrine and practice—2Ti 3:16,17


Written for our instruction—Ro 15:4

Intended for the use of all men—Ro 16:26

Nothing to be taken from, or added to—De 4:2; 12:32

One portion of, to be compared with another—1Co 2:13


Work effectually in them that believe—1Th 2:13

The letter of, without the spirit, killeth—Joh 6:63; 2Co 3:6

Ignorance of, a source of error—Mt 22:29; Ac 13:27

Christ enables us to understand—Lu 24:45

The Holy Spirit enable us to understand—Joh 16:13; 1Co 2:10-14

No prophecy of, is of any private interpretation—2Pe 1:20

Everything should be tried by—Isa 8:20; Ac 17:11


All should desire to hear—Ne 8:1

Mere hearers of, deceive themselves—Jas 1:22

Advantage of possessing—Ro 3:2


They who search, are truly noble—Ac 17:11

Blessedness of hearing and obeying—Lu 11:28; Jas 1:25

Let them dwell richly in you—Col 3:16


Denunciations against those who add to, or take from—Re 22:18,19

Destruction of, punished—Jer 36:29-31