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Reuben, The Tribe of

Descended from Jacob's first son—Ge 29:32

Predictions respecting—Ge 49:4; De 33:6


Strength of, on leaving Egypt—Nu 1:20,21

Led the second division of Israel in their journey's—Nu 10:18

Encamped with its standard south of the tabernacle—Nu 2:10

Offering of, at the dedication—Nu 7:30-35

Families of—Nu 26:5,6,8,9

Obtained inheritance east of Jordan on condition of helping to conquer Canaan—Nu 32:1-33; De 3:18-20

Bounds of their inheritance—De 3:16,17; Jos 13:15-23

Strength of, at the time of receiving their inheritance—Nu 26:7

Cities built by—Nu 32:37,38

On Ebal, said amen to the curses—De 27:13

Dismissed by Joshua after the conquest of Canaan—Jos 22:1-9

Assisted in building the altar of witness which offended the other tribes—Jos 22:10-29

Did not assist against Sisera—Jud 5:15,16

Some of, at David's coronation—1Ch 12:37,38

Officers appointed over, by David—1Ch 26:32; 27:16

Took land of the Hagarites—1Ch 5:10,18-22

Invaded and conquered by Hazael king of Syria—2Ki 10:32,33

Carried away by Tiglathpileser—2Ki 15:29; 1Ch 5:6,26

Remarkable persons of