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Naphtali, The Tribe of

Descended from Jacob's sixth son—Ge 30:7,8

Predictions respecting—Ge 49:21; De 33:23


Strength of, on leaving Egypt—Nu 1:42,43

The rear of the fourth division of Israel in their journeys—Nu 10:25,27

Encamped under the standard of Dan north of the tabernacle—Nu 2:25,29

Offering of, at the dedication—Nu 7:78-83

Families of—Nu 26:48,49

Strength of, on entering Canaan—Nu 26:50

On Ebal said amen to the curses—De 27:13

Bounds of their inheritance—Jos 19:32-39

Did not drive out the Canaanites, but made them tributary—Jud 1:33

Chosen from Zebulun to go with Barak against Sisera—Jud 4:6,10

Praised for aiding against Sisera—Jud 5:18

Joined Gideon in the pursuit and overthrow of the Midianites—Jud 7:23

Some of, at David's coronation—1Ch 12:34

Officer placed over, by David—1Ch 27:19

Officer placed over, by Solomon—1Ki 4:15

Land of, ravaged by Benhadad—1Ki 15:20

Land of, purged of idols by Josiah—2Ch 34:6

Taken captive by Tiglathpileser—2Ki 15:29

Specially favoured by our Lord's ministry—Isa 9:1,2; Mt 4:13-15

Remarkable persons of