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Law of marriage against—Ge 2:24; Mt 19:6


Often sought by the Jews—Mic 2:9; Mal 2:14

Sought on slight grounds—Mt 5:31; 19:3

Not allowed to those who falsely accused their wives—De 22:18,19


Priests not to marry women after—Le 21:14

Of servants, regulated by law—Ex 21:7,11

Of captives, regulated by law—De 21:13,14

Forced on those who had idolatrous wives—Ezr 10:2-17; Ne 13:23,30

Jews condemned for love of—Mal 2:14-16

Forbidden by Christ except for adultery—Mt 5:32; 19:9

Prohibition of, offended the Jews—Mt 19:10

Illustrative of God's casting off of the Jewish church—Isa 50:1; Jer 3:8