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Palaces Palm-tree, The Parables Pardon
Parents Paschal Lamb, Typical Nature of Patience Patriarchal Government
Peace Peace-offerings Peace, Spiritual Perfection
Persecution Perseverance Pharisees, The Philistines, The
Pilgrims and Strangers Pillars Plague or Pestilence, The Ploughing
Pomegranate-tree, The Pools and Ponds Poor, The Power of Christ, The
Power of God, The Power of the Holy Spirit, The Praise Prayer
Prayer, Answers to Prayer, Intercessory Prayer, Private Prayer, Public
Prayer, Social and Family Precious Stones Preciousness of Christ Presents
Presumption Pride Priests Prisons
Privileges of Saints Procrastination Promises of God, The Prophecies Respecting Christ
Prophecy Prophets Prophets, False Proselytes
Protection Providence of God, The Prudence Publicans
Punishment of the Wicked, The Punishments Purifications or Baptisms  

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