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(The descendants of Reuben)

Military enrollment of, at Mount Sinai—Nu 1:20,21

Military enrollment of, in Moab—Nu 26:7

Place of, in camping and marching—Nu 2:10

Standard of—Nu 10:18

Have their inheritance east of the Jordan River—Nu 32; De 3:1-20; Jos 13:15-23; 18:7

Assist the other tribes in conquest of the region west of the Jordan River—Jos 1:12-18; 22:1-6

Unite with the other tribes in building a monument to signify the unity of the tribes on the east of the Jordan River with the tribes on the west of the river; the monument misunderstood; the subsequent explanation and reconciliation—Jos 22:10-34

Reproached by Deborah—Jud 5:15,16

Taken captive into Assyria—2Ki 15:29; 1Ch 5:26