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The Book of Psalms

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1 To the chief music-maker. A Psalm. Of David. A Song.
It is right for you, O God, to have praise in Zion: to you let the offering be made.
2 To you, O hearer of prayer, let the words of all flesh come.
3 Evils have overcome us: but as for our sins, you will take them away.
4 Happy is the man of your selection, to whom you give a resting-place in your house; we will be full of the good things out of your holy place.
5 You will give us an answer in righteousness by great acts of power, O God of our salvation; you who are the hope of all the ends of the earth, and of the far-off lands of the sea;
6 The God by whose strength the mountains are fixed; who is robed with power:
7 Who makes the loud voice of the sea quiet, and puts an end to the sound of its waves.
8 Those in the farthest parts of the earth have fear when they see your signs: the outgoings of the morning and evening are glad because of you.
9 You have given your blessing to the earth, watering it and making it fertile; the river of God is full of water: and having made it ready, you give men grain.
10 You make the ploughed lands full of water; you make smooth the slopes: you make the earth soft with showers, sending your blessing on its growth.
11 The year is crowned with the good you give; life-giving rain is dropping from your footsteps,
12 Falling on the grass of the waste land: and the little hills are glad on every side.
13 The grass-land is thick with flocks; the valleys are full of grain; they give glad cries and songs of joy.